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Sensitive Skin Care Products Are A Must If You Have

Sensitive Skin Care Products Are A Must If You Have This Skin Type

I suffer from sensitive skin and believe me using anything other than sensitive skin care products is a nightmare waiting to happen.

I hate the fact that I can use the same moisturiser for years and then suddenly the manufacturer either decides to add a new ingredient or else stops making the product altogether. I cant just slap any old product onto my skin the raw red itchy look not being my idea of fashion.

If you have sensitive skin, I am sure that you are aware of certain triggers that can set off a reaction. Christmas and Easter are a nightmare for me but it took me a long time to work out why. I thought it was the stress of dealing with the whole family but it was the chocolate. Sugar, well more specifically overdosing on sugar makes my skin go nuts. I come out in a rash and nothing can make it look better. So over the years I have learned to curb my intake.

Always approach new products with caution if you have skin prone to allergic reactions. I have learned the hard way that it is a good idea to do a skin test before covering my face in a new cream, toner or cleanser. And also dont assume that because your skin is ok with the cleanser, the toner and moisturiser will be fine. They might not be and if you start using all three products at once, you wont know what caused the reaction.

I guess you are also an expert on reading product labels if you arent you need to be. I know that lanolin makes my skin react like a red traffic light so I avoid it. But a lot of sensitive skin care products contain this ingredient.

Some people will tell you that you can help sensitive skin by drinking camomile and nettle tea. Personally I have never been that desperate but if you like herbal teas, you may find this helps. I have tried putting camomile facemasks and moisturisers on my face and they worked a treat. Cucumber is another good food to apply to your skin as it calms down a reaction. Just dont put it near your eyes.

On the subject of face masks, never use one for oily or combination skin. They are designed to deal with excess oil, something our skin type could do with more of.

The more stressed and tired you are, the more your skin is likely to react so make sure you look after yourself. Sometimes we are so busy running around that we dont make time for our daily skin care routine. You may have got away with that as a teenager but for anyone over 25, you need to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day. And always take your makeup off before going to bed even if you bought the sensitive skin care product. You will thank me when you are older!

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